Warm season in Malpelo has arrived!!!

Malpelo Trip Report

Clearer and warmer water, southern wind, some rainy days, one whale shark and small groups of silkies were the harbingers of the transition between cold and warm season.

We had a nice group onboard, coming from Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland.

We arrived in Malpelo on a shiny day and, because of the blue color of the water, with the big expectation of better visibility compared to the last three trips.

On the first day we started exploring the north side, having the satisfaction of getting great visibility, plenty of hammerheads continuously visiting the cleaning stations, some Galapagos sharks, eagle rays, and the famous school of barracudas and whipper snappers. At the surface, a big group of milkfish and one huge tuna completed the scene.

The water was warm, 27°C (81°F) in the first few meters, with thermoclines coming up to 20 meters (66 feet), bringing down the temperature to 20/22°C (29/70°F); warm season in Malpelo is starting.

On the second day, at Bajo del Monstruo, I received the best underwater birthday gift ever: 60 minutes with lots of Hammerheads passing by over and over, many of them just a few centimetres from us. It was a magical dive, thank you Malpelo!!! 

Later that day at La Nevera we had a hammerhead school passing by over and over. Amazing!

From the third day onwards, the hammerheads schools were concentrated in the north, having no good results in our few more visits to La Nevera, La Gringa and La Puerta del Cielo. La Ferreteria was the highlight of the South, where we saw schools of Creole fish, bonitos, Almaco jacks, green jacks, black jacks, blue-fin Trevally and Leatherbass, all of them in a frenzy.

On the fourth day the water conditions changed for the rest of the trip, having big waves coming from the south and affecting most of the dive sites all around the island. The hammerheads schools kept away from the walls, and it was only possible to see them out in the blue. Small groups of hammerheads getting cleaned very close to us, a big group of dolphins, a few silkies, huge tunas schooling around the island, huge schools of mullet snappers and big-eye jacks, some big Galapagos sharks, and the appearance of one very nice whale shark three times, made the rest of the trip very enjoyable!

Hammerheads coming extremely close at Bajo del Monstruo, eagle rays feeding at Altar de Virginia, and Galapagos sharks at Three Musketeers, were the highlights of the last day. 

Nice diving trip, with an outstanding group that calmly waited for the right conditions and good moments in each dive despite the bad weather, thank you all!!!

Juan Solano
Dive Guide on MV Yemaya
Malpelo Trip Report
April 14-24, 2017