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Our experienced dive guides are at your disposal to assist you with any technical components of diving as well as answer any questions you may have about your diving experience aboard and the natural environment.

Juan Solano

Juan started diving when he was 18 years old. He studied Biology in Cuba, having a particular interest in marine life. While in Cuba, he took Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water courses, taking the opportunity to visit a few spots around the island.

Once he graduated, he returned to Colombia and got his Divemaster certification. One year later, he moved to Galapagos Island, working in sea turtle nesting areas and fisheries for 8 months.

We went back to Colombia in 2006; he became a dive instructor, working since then in several dive centers and dive resorts all over Colombia, Panama and Peru. He has more than 10 years of diving experience along the Eastern Pacific coast, 4 of those years just in Malpelo, his lovely rock.

Juan joined the crew of Yemaya in 2010, working as a freelance during two years. He has been back on board since 2015, doing two seasons per year, from March to August and October to December.

Safety and patience are the best tools to enjoy diving!

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Sten Johansson

Sten has the viking wanderlust coursing through his veins. He roams the world in search of new places and seas to discover. For a time he wandered around the Mediterranean and Caribbean isles on a big ship, initiating new divers to the wonders of the underwater environment.

He has traveled to the other side of the world to explore the unfamiliar territory. He stayed on a Maldivian island for a year to help build a luxurious center for scuba apprentices and then journeyed on to Micronesia to swim in a lake full of jellyfish.

He embarked on a sixteen-day voyage to reach the island that time forgot, which he did twice more afterwards. He fell in love with a dolphin in a place where giant mantas were the prime catch. He has played with fin-foots big and small, from curious fur seals in San Benitos and friendly Californians in the Sea of Cortez to the impressive elephant seals in Guadalupe and hardcore stellars in British Columbia.

He enjoys journeying to wild places, where he can witness the power of nature in a harsh environment. The barren rock of Malpelo is one such place that he visits regularly. The other is his temple, Roca Partida.

Nowadays he spends his time swimming with humpbacks in the Atlantic Ocean and whispering to sharks in the Pacific. He also goes up north part of the year to get back in to his original habitat.

Sten is on M/V Yemaya every year, from mid-April through mid-July.

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Erika Lopez

As a dive instructor, Erika has had the privilege to work on both sides—the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans—but what she has found in Malpelo is something that makes her want to stay and work to protect this UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. Now, as a Malpelo volunteer park ranger for and a dive guide on M/V Yemaya, Erika finds it easier to achieve this important goal of her life, of making a contribution in the preservation of sharks and other endangered species. She has found that she is not alone in this cause; on M/V Yemaya Erika has had the possibility of meeting amazing people from all over the world who are interested in the same thing and are willing to work together to meet this objective.

Although the “rock” may seem a little rough, the beauty and majesty of its landscape both under and out of the water create the perfect combination for the ultimate adventure: sharks, rays, barracudas, leather bass, whale sharks, monster sharks among many other magnificent creatures inhabit its waters and give divers one of the best encounters with real wildlife in its perfect balance.

Erika has an MSDT certification and has 20 years of experience.

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Reto Müller

In 2004 Reto went diving for the first time and that moment changed his life. After his introduction to diving he decided to discover the underwater environment.

For Reto diving is a fascinating adventure that is in harmony with nature and provides you with an amazing insight into the unique underwater world. Having dived in numerous locations all over the world from Asia to the Americas, Reto has committed his future to diving.

When Reto is not working as a dive guide for Coiba Dive Expeditions, he is a freelance dive instructor in Taganga, Colombia, where he has been living since 2011.

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