Diving Malpelo Island, Colombia

Malpelo is the Mount Everest of Sharks!

Looking for sharks? Nowhere else in the world you can dive with so many sharks and big fish. You will see schools of hammerheads and silky sharks, plus a variety of other shark species, like the Galapagos shark, whale shark and white-tip shark, together with huge schools of other big fish species. Diving Malpelo Island is shark diving at its finest!

Malpelo Island is a sinister and forbidding rock formation that plunges into the abysmal depths of the Pacific Ocean. This is a wild and spectacular marine environment that is renowned for its abundance and quantity of schooling of sharks and big marine animals.

Besides Cocos Island, there is no other place in the world where you can encounter such huge schools of hammerheads and silky sharks! Malpelo Island is home to a large variety and quantity of marine creatures. Of special interest is the hammerhead shark with its awe-inspiring schools, reaching up to 300 hundred individuals. The enormous congregations of silky sharks that often mix with hammerheads to form colossal shark schools and the huge number of cluster and free swimming moray eels are the two most outstanding phenomena in Malpelo.

Other common sights are the white-tip shark, Galapagos shark, giant schools of angelfish, Creole fish, jacks, tuna, and occasionally a sailfish, a whale shark and even humpback whales and blue whales. The rare, deep water ragged-tooth shark also can be encountered in the colder depths.

Why Dive Malpelo with Coiba Dive Expeditions

The Malpelo Foundation only allows one liveaboard dive vessel, with a maximum of 25 divers, to be present at the island at any one time as there are only 2 principal moorings for larger vessels located at the island. With a maximum of 16 guests on our expedition vessel, you are assured of ample space while onboard, at the island, and during your dive.

On our dive expeditions, journeying far from the hustle and bustle, we bring you to the peace, beauty and adventure of the remote and spectacular uninhabited islands of the Tropical Eastern Pacific.

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