• School of hammerhead sharks at Cocos

Diving Cocos

Cocos Island is commonly known as the "Island of Hammerhead Sharks" as it is famous for its huge schools of hammerhead sharks. Like the backdrop of "Jurassic Park," the spectacular waterfalls of Cocos Island plunge hundreds of feet into the rich and abundant ocean that surrounds the island.

Cocos Island is the high point of a submerged volcanic platform. This platform plunges into abysmal depths very close to the island. Several principal ocean currents converge at Cocos, transporting nutrient-rich water that attracts many marine species, giving these waters a very high rate of productivity. The symbiosis and behavioral habits of many marine species can be observed around Cocos.

The diving in Cocos is characterized by its open ocean location and the variety and quantity of pelagic marine species, such as scalloped hammerhead, silver-tip, tiger, silky, black-tip and whale sharks, along with large aggregations of rays, snappers, tuna and jacks. Many large filter feeders frequent the island, such as the giant manta ray and migratory humpback whales.

Schooling scalloped hammerheads are a common sight on several of the dive sites. Many dive sites have cleaning stations for hammerheads and a great variety of pelagic species. Silverado is a shallow cleaning station for the magnificent beast, the silver-tip shark!

Night dives on the sheltered side of Isla Manuelita provide an opportunity to see a river of white- tip reef sharks. Normally inactive during the day, hundreds of these reef predators can be seen patrolling the reef in search of food.

The bathymetry of this volcanic terrace forms a variety of different dive site with varying characteristics, from sandy rocky terraces and islands, to deep water pinnacles and seamounts. Coral reefs can be encountered in the sheltered areas of the bays, with the largest extensions found in the bays of Chatham and Wafer.

Why Dive Cocos with Coiba Dive Expeditions

After more than a day's cruise from the Costa Rican mainland, a tiny dark mass looms into view on the blue horizon. The tone of water slowly changes from a deep blue to turquoise. Dramatic steep cliffs appear, fringed by dense green vegetation, dissected by thundering waterfalls which plunge hundreds of feet into the azure abundant marine environment of Cocos Island.

Our expedition vessel, the M/V Yemaya, carries a maximum of 16 guests, ensuring that each one gets enough space and the best safety, service, comfort and adventure onboard.

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