Another unforgettable expedition to Malpelo Island. Final few trips.

Malpelo Trip Report

On our recent trip to Malpelo Island we had international guests from six different nations onboard Yemaya. The crossing from Puerto Mutis to “the Rock” was very calm and we arrived on time in the early morning. We spent the first days of diving to find out where the big schools of hammerhead sharks were moving. The south part was no option because of the high waves. Currents with water temperature ranging from 23 C (73 F) to 28 C (82 F) brought some plankton.

On the third day, one group had the good luck of seeing a whale shark up-close in Tres Mosqueteros and a marlin at La Nevera. On the fourth day our guests were ready and the conditions made it posible to dive the south part of Malpelo Island. We saw big groups of Galapagos sharks swimming around in El Bajon. Above us, hammerhead schools were passing by.

Every day on the second dive we had great dives in La Nevera — daily encounters with eagle rays, Galapagos, hammerhead, black-tip and a few silky sharks. We saw the biggest school of hammerheads at the end of our trip in the area of Sahara. There, we had almost no current or waves on the last three days of our unforgetable dive expedition to Malpelo.

Reto Müller
Dive Guide on MV Yemaya
Malpelo Trip Report
August 25-September 4, 2017