Liveaboard Scuba Diving

Our unique expeditions bring you into the heart of the most remote dive destinations...
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Hiking & Nature Observation

Hiking the trails under the canopy of wild and untouched Rainforest's, you feel the call to...
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A window to another world! Snorkeling over the vibrant coral reefs you get involved in the...
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The Penal Colony

Coiba Island was once considered the Devils Island of Central America. From 1918 until the year...
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Whale Watching

Coiba National Park, Panama, with its warm and calm waters, is the only place in the world where...
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Sea and River Kayaking

Explore hidden coves, beaches, rivers and mangrove forests on a kayaking safari. Kayaks provide...
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Bird Watching

Coiba Island is home to one of the last remaining healthy populations of the magnificent Scarlet...
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Relax and unwind on one of the many deserted white sandy, deserted beaches, While there is...
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For those who like to have a checklist and plan their itinerary ahead of time, here is a shortlist of attractions in Coiba National Park:

  • Exhibition and Information Center, Park Ranger Station
  • Viewing Platforms (Miradores) El Gambute
  • Thermal Springs and Nature Interpretation Trail
  • Monkey Trail
  • Nature Interpretation Trail to the Ancient Mangrove Forest of Santa Cruz
  • Trail to the waterfall at Juncal
  • Nature Interpretation Trail to the Volcanic Rift Valley
  • Volcanic Fault
  • The Island Granito de Oro (Grain of Gold)
  • The Penal Colony, La Central Camp
  • Nature Interpretation Trails of Jicaron and Jicarita
  • River Kayaking at Rio San Juan and Punta Hermosa
  • Nature Interpretation Trail on Isla Rancheria
  • Nature Interpretation Trail on Isla Brincanco, Archipelago of Contreras