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Liveaboard Dive Expeditions to Malpelo, Coiba and Cocos Islands.
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Yemaya at Coiba

M/V Yemaya Liveaboard Dive Expeditions

Each expedition offers the best in safety, service, comfort and adventure aboard our robust 115-foot (35-meter) modern and well-equipped liveaboard expedition boat, M/V Yemaya. With a steel hull and equipped with 2 engines, 3 generators, all safety implements, and 2 dive tenders, this oceangoing vessel is built to withstand the occasional rough seas in the Tropical Eastern Pacific.  Read More >


  • After searching in Internet we found that the Coiba Dive Expeditions offer three different destinations on one expedition. Each place seamed to have good diving and the ship looked like a comfortable place to stay. Each place is unique and amazing in its own ways, but if I have to choose which one is the best, I highly recommend Malpelo; diving there is just from another world. Our trip was an amazing experience that is unforgettable, and the Yemaya II and its team took care of us in every way.
    Rebecca Solis, Cocos, Coiba and Malpelo 2012
  • As far as I know, Coiba Dive Expeditions is the only company and liveaboard doing both Cocos and Malpelo in a single trip, so this was quite an excellent treat. We had schools of hammerheads on many dives at both sites, whale sharks that shared entire dives with the group, not to mention all the white tips, galapagos, black tip and silky sharks that were ever present as well. This is truly one of the best dive experiences you can have and doing it aboard the Yemaya will make sure you do it comfortably and safely. Very highly recommended!
    Alec Hutchinson, Cocos and Malpelo Combo 2015
  • En mi vida había visto tantos tiburones martillo juntos, ni en Galápagos, donde estuve buceando hace unos años, ni siquiera en los documentales de la tele. Además de las impresionantes escuelas de martillos no hay que dejar de mirar hacia las paredes para ver la vida pequeña que también existe por aquí ni los inmensos cardúmenes de distintas variedades, ah y no puedo olvidar mencionar las miles de morenas que se pasean a su libre albedrio, no como el resto de los mares que están agazapadas en las grietas, aquí parecen más libres, sin miedos…
    Teresa Gomez Caiyoca, Malpelo 2012
  • My trip with Coiba Dive Expeditions was too great for words to explain. The diving was beautiful, the crew was exceptional and the food was unreal. The Yemaya was so comfortable and very well ran. There was not a thing I would change. Emily Jo Dixon, Texas
    Emily Jo Dixon, Coiba 2013
  • Hallo und vielen Dank an das ganze Team der Yemaya II Es waren unbeschreiblich schoene und tolle Tage, die wir hier verbringen durften. Angefangen von dem tollen Service an Board, der absolut ausgezeichneten und hervorragenden Kueche (welche wir seeeeeehr vermissen werden) hin zu den irrsinnigen Tauchgaengen. Wir wussten nicht genau, was uns wirklich in Malpelo erwartet aber das hatte ich nicht fuer moeglich gehalten… ¡¡¡¡ Walhaie, Hammerhaie, White-Tip-Sharks, Leather-Brass, und und und… zum gloreichen Abschluss noch einen Manta WOW WOW WOW.
    Christine and Thomas, Malpelo 2012
  • What a big experience in my life. I heard a lot good things about these magical islands in the Eastern Pacific. From the first moment underwater, I felt at home! One with the nature and all these wild animals around me. We were an awesome group on board and we were very lucky. Each dive was a new under water challenge and you never can get enough. Hope I get the chance to come back soon. I will recommend this beautiful place to all my friends. We have to protect more our mother earth, stop industrial fishing and take more care about global warming and stop sharkfining.
    Reto Müller, Malpelo 2012
  • PLATZ/ LOTS OF SPACE! The Germans want shade, the Spanish want Sun. The Americans a quiet place to read a book on a comfortable couch. The French want to listen to Jazz and two others stand at the bar and devour hot and cold appetizers prepared by Nelson & Juan Carlos. This is the top deck of the Yemaya and everyone can have it their way. Another thing—the boat does not rock back and forth. What a stable ship!
    Fred Hamblen, Malpelo 2012
  • Is a 36-hour trip of feeling like shit worth to come here? Yes – it is indeed!! We came with high hopes which were definitely topped as of day one! Hundreds of silkies, hammerhead schools, schools of jacks and snappers and whale sharks, whale sharks, whale sharks!
    Cathrin & Marco, Malpelo 2016
  • The attention from the boat crew is great. The rooms are comfortable and the food rocks. The chef has a really nice variety of cuisine. He covered everything that I like from fresh seafood to Italian and even your standard grilled steak for the meat lovers such as myself. He even cooked some really tasty traditional Panamanian dishes. It is pointless to describe all the dives that I enjoyed because words cannot depict the beauty of these tropical waters.
    Yamil Martinez, Malpelo and Coiba 2013
  • The Yemaya exceeded our expectations. The crew anticipated our needs, food was plentiful and delicious, and the dive masters were extremely knowledgeable and safety conscious. We were impressed with the fact that both skiffs had oxygen on board and they were equipped with GPS and depth sounders. Ditto on the comments above. Great boat and crew. We would definitely dive with the Yemaya in future.
    Loring and David, Coiba 2014
  • Loved the diversity of the underwater fauna. The diving conditions here are very different than anywhere else in the world and require advanced dive skills. Malpelo is a spectacular island, and climbing to the top of it was a great adventure.
    Tadeus Witos, Malpelo 2012
  • Wir durften eine noch intakte Unterwasserwelt erleben, wie sie wohl anderswo kaum noch zu finden ist. Hammerhaischulen, Thunfische, Schwarmfisch, Galapagos- und Seidenhaie waren unsere staendigen Begleiter... Den Aufenthalt auf dem Schiff habe ich gaenzlich genossen. Die gesamte Crew war stets aufmerksam, das Schiff professionell gefuehrt, die Kueche fantastisch, die Guides sensationell. Zu guter Letzt bleibt nur noch eine Drohung auszusprechen: ICH KOMME WIEDER!!!
    John Hartung, Malpelo 2013
  • Joining an expedition aboard the M/V Yemayá to Coiba National Park has been such a wonderful experience!!! Besides all the varieties of marine life we found there, we enjoyed the paradisiatic beaches and the walks in nature trails. The crew was exceptional as well as the fine attentions of our hosts, Otmar and Elena, the owners of the boat. We were really impressed by the gourmet food of Juan Carlos, the chef. There is no doubt it is a destination we will sure experience/visit again and we strongly recommend it to anyone in the world. Thanks again for a fantastic job!
    Alicia and Jair Fuentes, Malpelo and Coiba 2012

The MV Yemaya Experience

The destinations of our dive expeditions, the islands of Coiba, Malpelo and Cocos, are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites, renowned for their biological importance to mankind and spectacular, dramatic natural beauty. Malpelo and Cocos Islands are situated hundreds of miles from the continent and are complete oceanic/pelagic environments. They are well known for being top world destinations for shark diving and the observation of big marine species.

Aboard MV Yemaya, on our 28-meter-long open deck, different personalities enjoy their trip in their own individual way. The sun worshipper soaks up some rays on a lounge chair, aiming for the perfect tan while her alter ego, the nocturnal nymph, stays in the shaded area all day long. The nature lover walks over to the railing and then looks out to the horizon as he listens to the sounds of the sea, the wind, and the birds. The bookworm is comfortably sprawled on the sofa while she starts on her second novel. Seated at the dining table and drinking his freshly squeezed fruit juice, the amateur photographer carefully reviews his shark photos on his laptop. The party animal is checking out the music collection at the bar for tonight's pre-dinner cocktails. The food critic finally lets go of his self-restraint and asks the chef for a third helping of today's lunch. The quiet one is in her own private corner, simply taking pleasure in her surroundings.

MV Yemaya lets you appreciate the beauty of your environment and gives you the space that you need to have things your way. And just when you think that everything is perfect, your eyelids get heavy and you drift away to a peaceful slumber in this warm, tropical climate…

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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Our unique expeditions bring you into the heart of the most remote dive destinations and the best shark diving spots in the world: the magnificent islands of Coiba, Cocos and Malpelo. Encounter some of over 760 species of fish and 33 species of sharks, including schooling scalloped hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, whale sharks and Galapagos sharks while diving in these fascinating and dynamic underwater regions of the Tropical Eastern Pacific.

As you enjoy the splendors of the sea, you can rest assured that your safety is our top priority on each scuba diving trip.

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